Reality Youth Group

Who we are...

At Reality Youth we are a Christian youth group passionate about connecting young people into a safe place that is welcoming and loving. It is our priority for those that come, can begin to understand the life changing relationship that comes from knowing Jesus.
Respect is at the core of our culture, respect is something that we expect to be shown and given all the time. We make sure that everyone who comes along is welcomed and accepted, for no-one to be left out. We encourage young people to build friendships in ways they might not normally in other social settings. This is seen to be very fruitful in the maturity of those that come along and the friendship last beyond the teenage years.

What to expect...

We start almost every Friday night at 7:00pm with a game to get all the guys and girls connected by talking, running around and having to learn the names of newcomers. We then will usually start the main activity for the night which can include a major activity (something like laser tag).
After about an hour we end up sitting down together to hear a leader talk about something they have prayed about and believe they should share.
The current theme for 2023 is BeReal so many of the talking topics are based on being honest in all parts of our lives. Towards the end of the night, we hand out hot food that has been donated by Banjo’s Traralgon, and we spend the last part of the night connecting with each other.

Why should I come?

You should come to become a part of a group that makes sure no one is left out. Anyone can come and fit in, and you will grow in a personal way that is life-changing. You will find friendships that will
grow so much that you will become like family.
We are a group that loves Jesus, that means that we value this culture to be full of kindness, fun and


35 Larnach Road, Traralgon, Victoria

When is it?

7pm Fridays during school terms

Who can come?

Youth in year 7-12


FREE unless otherwise specified, like for a special event.

Want to know more?

Daniel Robinson 0423892257 or

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