Culture & Values

Come as you are

Reality is a place where you can come as you are. Believing that the salvation of God is freely given for all people, through grace and faith.

We are Family

Reality is a place where family is Nurtured, Developed & Demonstrated.

Every Part Valued

Every part of the body being valued, released, and effectively operating in the gifts God has given to them.

No One Stands Alone

Our heart is that no one should stand alone or journey through life alone. We are passionate about small groups and people being connected and being a valued part of the church.

Safe Place

Reality is a safe place of Love, Growth and Acceptance. We are inclusive and
non-judgemental and celebrate everyone’s individual story. Reality will be known for It’s Love.

Genuine Life Transformation

A place where Genuine Life Transformation takes place in the hearts, minds, and lives of our people. Disciples discipling, being transformed into the image of Jesus.

Give beyond Measure

Regardless of our numerical size we will always give beyond measure. This giving includes, Time, Money, People, Love, Care & Hospitality, always allowing our-selves to be inconvenienced for one other.

Vision beyond Ourselves

Reality will always have a vision beyond our-selves, reaching out into the wider community and ultimately throughout the world. Making the Great Commission one of our highest priorities.

Jesus is our benchmark

Jesus is our benchmark, the one we aspire too and the rock we build our lives upon, Jesus is our measuring stick.

Serving like Jesus

If I see that something needs to be done, I will jump in and get it done, I will take ownership and be part of the solution. Serving like Jesus washing the feet of one another.

Speaking life

I will always be respectful to the another; I will always encourage and speak life over other people that God has placed in my life.